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Plastic surgeries are common

Here we go with the 3rd and concluding part of Consumer Goods Club’s analysis and summary of the best and most relevant 2012 consumer trend reports.

Part 1 reviewed the 12 trends as researched by trendwatching. JWT Teez Tabor Jersey , in part two of our series, put economic uncertainty, new technology and the idea of shared responsibility at the center of their trend report for this year.

And now in part 3 of our series we’d like to offer you the findings of the researchers of Euromonitor for whom the looming uncertainty over the global economy has turned consumers into more value-conscious, mobile, experience-hungry Jarrad Davis Jersey , social sharing, green enthusiasts: “Add a touch of convenience for a rapidly growing urban population worldwide, and this paints a picture of the new global consumer.”

When it comes to the key consumer and industry trends that defined 2011, they offer the following potpourri prospects for 2012 (we’ve tried to summarize them as good as possible… maybe next time they could even reduce their total number a little bid?):

– Economic woes will see more consumers looking up to ‘new’ non-monetary forms of status like altruism, connectivity Kerryon Johnson Jersey , eco-credentials and acquired skills

– 2012 will push consumers into a deal ecosystem in which the chase, the control, the perceived savvy, and novel tech-led thrift-alerts

– Although many consumers can’t afford to buy green, they expect brands to be trailblazers and to clean up their act!

– Less will be more in 2012. Companies will be helping their customers to consume less of their products (Really? I’d like to see this one to happen…)

– In 2012 Frank Ragnow Jersey , opportunities to cater to millions of low-income urban consumers will be the biggest ever

– Crowdsourced problem-solving will trigger innovation – especially if participation is made simpler
Consumer respect will be beamed at brands showing their human side; both in terms of transparency and caring initiatives

– Consumer vigilantes will have a sustained high profile – protesting in the physical and online worlds

– While the digital and physical worlds are converging via a mobile 247 net access, consumers want seamless access to positives of the digital world: convenience, control, choice etc. in the real world

– The ‘consumerization’ of health means that customers are now looking for health as a feature, product Cheap Lions Hats , experience or service

– Emphasis will be on conscious consumption in 2012 as consumers continue their search for a more meaningful life

– Where people shop for packaged food is, and will be, just as important as what they buy

– Collaborative consumption, renting goods instead of buying them, will be big in 2012

– Income inequality will be an increasing cause for concern in 2012

– Unemployment Cheap Lions T-Shirts , particularly youth unemployment, will plague advanced economies in 2012.

– Best case scenario will see retailing be worth US$13.2 trillion by the end of 2012. However, macro-economic issues will remain a concern

– Cross-border sales through internet stores are likely to put bricks-and-mortar retailers in all countries under pressure in the short term

– Grocery retailers set to enjoy faster growth than their non-grocery peers

– Underlining the growing divide globally in terms of spending power, jewellers is expected to be the fastest growing channel in 2012, boosted by emerging markets Cheap Lions Hoodie , while warehouse clubs will be second

– Retailers are going to have to be increasingly aware of m-commerce in 2012

– Asia Pacific to overtake Western Europe as the biggest regional packaged food market in 2016

– With more mouths to feed, retail volume will continue to outpace retail value sales

– A growing prevalence of convenience and snacking will make eating on-the-go the new “normal”

Join for free Consumer Goods Club (CGC) – The leading global business network for the consumer goods, retail and wholesale industries: http:www.consumergoodsclub

GAZA, Feb. 14 (Xinhua) -- Mona Nagy from the Gaza Strip looked more self-confident, attractive and slimmer than two months ago Customized Lions Jerseys , due to the liposuction she had undergone.

The surgery helped Mona, in her twenties, integrate in the community after suffering years of psychological isolation as a result of overweight.

Mona is one of those ladies who took the initiative to make plastic surgeries in specialized centers in the Gaza Strip in recent months.

"I hesitated a lot before I had the operation as it is abnormal in my society," Mona told Xinhua, adding that "but now I am very happy and feeling more confident."

Mona said she did the surgery after taking the advice from a colleague who beautified his nose and removed body tattoo by having a plastic surgery.

Nael Cheap Lions Jerseys , who refused to tell his full name, said his wife also had a breast reduction surgery. "Early marriage and frequent pregnancies had reshaped the body of my wife to worse, which psychologically affected her."

"A plastic surgery was the best solution to bring her body and morale back to normal," Nael added.

Plastic surgeries are common in the Gaza Strip, but remained for decades limited to repair the defects resulting from repeated violence with Israel Jake Rudock Lions Jersey , such as severe burns and fractures.

However, complementary cosmetic surgeries began to receive popular demands in Gaza which is ruled by conservative Islamic Hamas movement.

According to data by Cosmetic and Laser Surgery Center (CLSC) in Gaza City, the center conducted 15 major surgeries and more than a hundred minor surgeries monthly during the last two years.

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