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By Spencer Musick

BEIJING, Oct. 6. (Xinhua) -- No. 1 seed Angelique Kerber of Germany was stunned by 16th seed Elina Svitolina of Ukraine in the third round of the China Open here on Thursday.

It is the second time the Ukrainian has bested a No. 1 player during this season.

Svitolina dominated the first set with strong defense against Kerber's serves and aggressive play at the baseline, taking it with relative ease in 44 minutes.

Kerber said that she was not feeling in her best form, and missed several chances during the match.

""I had my chances, for sure, but I didn't take it. I make a lot of easy mistakes. I was not playing my best, for sure. Physically I was not 100% because I feel a little bit my leg, so I was not able to play my best,"" she said.

Kerber fought back in the second set, leveling at 5 games all, but in the end was unable to keep pace with her opponent.

Kerber said that in an ""up and down"" match, Svitolina did a good job on return.

""She was moving good. She brings a lot of balls back. I think that was the key, yeah, why she beat me at the end.""

The Ukrainian saved 82 percent of break points in the match, and won 3343 points on the first serve.

Svitolina said she was pleased with her overall performance, and most of all happy that she was able to close out the match in two sets.

""Yeah, I'm really, really happy that I won today. Really happy that I finish with two sets because last time playing in Montreal, I was really close.""

Svitolina added that she did not let Kerber's returns go to her head, and said this was a key point in her approach to battling her.

""Main thing was just mentally to be focused. Even if you play good point against her, she can play some amazing shots back.... This is really important when you play against her because sometimes she gets some balls which is, like, unbelievable, playing amazing shots from down the line,"" she said.

Svitolina goes on to meet Australian Daria Gavrilova in the quarter-finals.

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1. Eat more Fast Food. Bet you never thought you'd hear me say that! By fast food I mean food that your body is able to deal with fast. Not junk food that turns into slow food as soon as it gets into your digestive system. This means fresh fruit and veg juice and the only way to get this is from a juice bar or make your own at home. Check out Jason Vale to hear from the man himself on all that is wonderful and good about juices.

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4. Don't forget to Breathe! Most of us only use the top part of our lungs when we breathe. To breathe correctly Artie Burns Youth Jersey , breathe in to your stomach for a count of two, then into your upper chest for two to fully inflate your lungs. Reverse the process and breathe out for four counts. Try this for a few minutes at a time throughout the day and revive your body. Use it as a warm-up when exercising - matching your breathing with your stride - it's a great fat-burner.

5. Stop the Bloat. Do you suffer from bloating after you eat? Keep a food diary of everything you eat and note how you feel throughout the day. Try going dairy and wheat free for a couple of weeks and see if it makes a difference. Apparently the vast majority of us don't even have the enzyme to digest cow's milk after the age of three! No wonder it doesn't agree with us!

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