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Susan Hepler
   I got size S.And it was my size.It is fit great.I do yoga on this short.Very comfortable!
Lauri Olson
   Very nice and a bargain
Domas Stanevičius
   Fun video!
Aldo Contreras
   We have seen the stage musical in Chicago several years ago and enjoyed it.  The movie had more opportunity to explore the personal storiesofFrankie Valli and the other singers/song writers.  The film was entertaining, good; not great.
Ben Mohamed Hatem
   Based upon pricing, purchased dozen.  Traditionally used in garden, but have expanded application in light work and car maintenance to keep hands cleaner and protected without losing tactile feeling.  Great buy.  Updated March 2016.  Purchased a second set of these gloves as ran through the originals.  Last a good while and are effective in protecting hands.
John Fairley
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